We are a young lab in the field of chemical biology and sandwiched between the Radboud University and the Radboud Institute for Molecular Life Sciences in Nijmegen (NL). We combine organic chemistry with molecular biology and biochemistry to target and answer biological questions related to autoimmune- and protein misfolding diseases.


November, 2019

Our vinylboronic acid-based click-to-release paper is out! Stay tuned for more exciting follow up work!

October, 2019

Our lab is growing! Welcome to new PhD students Kevin, Mike and Heleen! We will continue and expanding our research on chemical immunology and targeted drug delivery. Good luck!

May, 2019

Fleur successfully defended her thesis on arylamine acetyltransferase-based proximity labeling. Congrats Fleur! Good luck with your new postdoc adventure at the proteomics lab of Albert Heck at Utrecht university!

April, 2019

Lianne successfully defended her thesis on selective targeting of autoreactive B cells. Well done Lianne on this challenging topic! Enjoy your well-deserved trip around the world!

March, 2019

Welcome PhD student Margot and postdoc Melek to the lab! Good luck with your research in selective cell targeting!

January, 2019

Proud of our new collaborative paper with Dennis Lowik on activatable cell penetrating peptides. Other works will definitely follow!

December, 2018

Merry Christmas and a great 2019!


December, 2018

Presented our work on antigen-selective cell targeting at Chains 2018 in Veldhoven, NL. The chemistry conference in the Netherlands with more than 1500 participants!

November, 2018

What a special day! Selma Eising, the first PhD student from the lab, successfully defended her thesis on coordination-assited bioorthogonal chemistry! Well done!


November, 2018

Welcome PhD student Bob Ignacio and master students Timo and Kevin!

October, 2018

Invited at IRB Barcelona to present our work. Thanks for the opportunity and what an inspiring place!

August, 2018

Presented our work on coordination-assisted bioorthogonal chemistry at EMBO Chemical Biology Symposium. What a great conference with great speakers in the field, again!!

July, 2018

So honoured to receive an ERC starting grant! In this project inCITe we will use chemical strategies to reveal the secrets of protein citrullination and find the link with many autoimmune diseases. Announcement found here (in Dutch) and an interview in the local university magazine VOX together with my SO followed from the Tweet: Two science careers Two kids Two ‪ERC starting grants!

April, 2018

Present at our organized KNCV international meeting on Organic Chemistry in Wageningen. What a great line of speakers! Thanks for attending!


March, 2018

VBA’s taking off as bioorthogonal reactants in living cells!

December, 2017

Lianne presented her work at CHAINS 2017 on selective targeting of B-cells. Great to see so much audience and great response!

November, 2017

Welcome Xian and Mike to the lab! Good luck with the chemistry (and some biology?)!

September, 2017

Welcome Abel to the lab! Hope the VBAs treat you well the next 6 months!

June, 2017

Kim attended the Gordon Conference on Bioorganic Chemistry at Proctor Academy, Andover, NH. What a great meeting with great science!

June, 2017

Kim presented at the Designer Biology conference in Vienna. Great to have so many scientific disciplines combined!

March, 2017

Kim received the Radboud Network of Female Professors Award 2017 in the Natural Sciences category! What a great honor! More information here.


February, 2017

Welcome to the lab Laura!

January, 2017

Welcome Yvonne and Veronica to our lab and good luck with your master internships!

January, 2017

Happy new year! Wish you all the best with great science and discoveries!

November, 2016

Angelina and Nicole joined the lab for their master internships. Good luck!

September, 2016

Congrats to Selma for publishing her paper on vinyl boronic acids as bioorthogonal reactants with tetrazines in Angewandte Chemie. Great work!

September, 2016

Tim, Marijn and Jurriaan started their internships in our lab. Welcome and good luck!

September, 2016

Fleur won the ChemBioChem Poster Presentation Award at the EMBO conference on chemical biology. Congrats (again)!


August – September, 2016

Selma, Fleur and Lianne presented a poster on the EMBO conference on chemical biology in Heidelberg. What a great and inspiring meeting with excellent speakers and posters!

April, 2016

Selma presented her latest results on our vinyl boronic acids in bioorthogonal labeling at the KNCV organic chemistry symposium in Wageningen, NL.

April, 2016

Congrats again! Fleur received a poster prize at the sIMMposium 2016.

April, 2016

Lianne and Hendy won a poster prize for their joint presentation at the 2nd Institute for Chemical Immunology conference. Well done!

Lianne posterprize

February, 2016

Ralf and Lieke joined the lab for their research internships. Good luck!

December, 2015

From 300+ posters Fleur won a poster prize at CHAINS2015!


October, 2015

Congrats to Fleur and Selma on their work on the subcellular labeling technology which was awarded a Poster Prize at the autumn school chemical biology in Konstanz!

September, 2015

Yvonne received her Radboud Honours Academy Certificate.

August, 2015

Selma and Fleur both received a travel grant to participate in the autumn school chemical biology in Konstanz!

July, 2015

Selma is selected to give an oral presentation at CHAINS2015!

July, 2015

Our website is launched!